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McKinney Properties is a 2 tiered business with one focus upon high quality property management, upkeep, cleaning and efficiency for our real estate partners, and our 2nd tier being about customer service and giving our guests at our and our partners properties the best experience possible in the hopes they return to stay with us again someday.  We pride ourselves on our professionalism and commitment to high standards for our guests, partners, and colleagues.


Giving our guests a wonderful and comfortable experience.


We believe in leading our guest experience by giving them a sparkling clean and pristine property to enjoy.


High quality property & booking management.

From the homes we manage to the guests we serve, we prioritize customer service in every facet of our business. We know that great businesses are built on happy customers and partners and we go above and beyond to make the experience working with us as pleasant and seamless as possible.

With our top notch standards and efficient management, in conjunction with our online marketing systems and strategies, we drive revenues, stays and ultimately profit, for our partners.

Get the benefit and experience of successful entrepreneurs running point on all elements of property management to yield the highest profits while maintaining the condition of your property.

We know it’s a big decision trusting a company to manage your home and we appreciate the privelege. We will show you the same level of respect, communication and customer service our guests can expect so you are always well aware of how things are going at your properties.

At McKinney Properties, we help our partners drive recurring revenue while keeping their homes in tip top shape. Our local team will deliver the highest quality housekeeping, management and communication so you can benefit from peace of mind while seeing profits rise.

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